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Dumpster Rental:

A: What size dumpsters are available for rent?
  • 13 and 20-yard
B: How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?
  • Prices range from $250-$350
C: Are there any restrictions on the types of waste that can be placed in the dumpster?
  • No hazardous materials such as Car batteries, refrigerators, tires, etc.
D: How long is the rental period for a dumpster?
  • Prices include 3-day rental. There is no set limit on the rental length.
E: What is the process for scheduling a dumpster rental?
  • Call, text, or email and we can schedule it.


Trailer Rental:

A: What types of trailers are available for rent?
  • Car Hauler, equipment trailer, utility trailers(14ft, 16ft, dump trailers.
B: What is the rental cost for different trailer sizes?
  • Vary from $40-$140 (rental applies from Monday – Sunday, 6 am – 9 pm)
C: Are there weight limits for trailers, and how are they enforced?
  • The weight limit varies from trailer to trailer. We ask each customer what they are hauling and the customer is aware they will pay for any damages due to being overweight.
D: What safety measures should I follow when using a rented trailer?
  • Driving safely and following all regular driving laws.
E: Can I rent a trailer for a one-way trip or long-distance travel?
  • You can not rent a trailer for a way trip using us but can rent a trailer for long-distance hauling.



A: What items or materials can be hauled by a hauling service?
  • We can haul any loose or solid material such as rock, dirt, mulch, construction debris, miscellaneous junk, and more. We also offer hauling of any vehicles, equipment, household materials, trailers, campers, or other items.
B: How is the hauling cost calculated?
  • Hauling cost is calculated by mileage and time.
C: Are there any size or weight restrictions for items to be hauled?
  • As of now, we can’t haul anything over 24ft long and 14k pounds.
D: What are the environmental practices of the hauling company?
  • Up to code vehicles and trailers and recycle everything we can.
E: How do I schedule a hauling service?
  • Give us a call, text, or email.


Heavy Equipment Moving:

A: What types of heavy equipment can be moved?
  • Skid steers, excavators, tractors, and other miscellaneous equipment or items.
B: Is specialized equipment required for heavy equipment moving?
  • Yes, depending on the weight it needs to be tied down with chains.
C: How is the safety of the equipment ensured during transportation?
  • We secure all equipment properly on an up-to-code trailer pulled by a DOT-inspected vehicle.
D: What permits are needed for moving heavy equipment?
  • No permits are required under 12k lbs.
E: Are there any insurance options for potential damages during the move?
  • Yes, we are a fully insured company up to 1,000,000 dollars.


Car Hauling:

A: How is the cost of car hauling calculated?
  • Car hauling is calculated by the mile.
B: What types of vehicles can be transported using a car-hauling service?
  • Trucks, cars, small equipment vehicles.
C: Are there any specific preparations required before transporting a car?
  • No
D: Is there insurance coverage for damages during car transportation?
  • Yes, we are fully insured.
E: What is the estimated delivery time for car hauling services?
  • Within 2 days not including drive time.